Gurmeet S Arora


         Chartered Professional Accountant


Accounting Services






















































Our services are completely need based. Our first and foremost objective is to understand your and your business's needs and customize our services to meet your goals. All the following services will be tailored to match your requirements:  



  • Accounting and Book-keeping
  •                 •Computerized book-keeping
  •                 •Inventory control and costing systems
  •                 •Accounts Receivable and Payable Systems
  •                 •Payroll services, T4s and returns including Quebec payroll
  •                 •HST, PST and QST Returns               
  •                 •WSIB
  •                 •Compilation of Financial Statements
  • Income Tax
  •                 •Personal tax planning and returns
  •                 •Corporate tax planning and returns
  •                 •Preserving small business deduction
  •                 •Dividends vs. Salaries
  •                 •Income splitting with family members to lower overall tax impact
  • Disputes & Audits
  •                 •Disputing Tax Assessments
  •                 •Voluntary Tax Disclosure
  •                 •Net Worth Assessments/Audits
  •                 •Representation in HST, Tax and Payroll Audits
  • New Business/Profession
  •                 •Set up a new Federal or Ontario Corporation
  •                 •Set up a Professional Corporation
  •                 •Income splitting with family members
  •                 •Fiscal year-end selection
  •                 •Analysis of sale and purchase of business
  •                 •Business Plans and Cash Flow projections for new/existing business
  •                 •Set-up and train in computerized accounting systems
  •                 •Business structure set-up and start up consultation
  • Management Services
  •                 •Controllership functions and monthly reporting
  •                 •Preparation of cash flow analysis and operations forecast
  •                 •Preparation of budgets
  •                 •Preparation of the Business Plan
  •                 •Small business loans & leasing applications